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A day at home

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Dear diary,
       Yesterday I spend the entire day at home. I woke up,eat my breakfast. After that I spend 3 hours reading my favorite book. The day had started pretty well and I was  happy. After that I had lunch while I was waching TV. I knoe that it's not healthy fore some reason, but I enjoy doing it. Then I played with my dog for quite a while.After that I watched 2 episod...s from a famo...s serial.I went to bed early that day. Even if ............... might seem a boring day, for me it wasn't.

muult prea scurt! 250-300 cuvinte

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Hey! I'm sorry to say it, but your composition is way too short!  Develop a bit the actions you were doing. For example, you could mention what you ate for breakfast, how you prepared it, or what kind of games you played with your dog etc. Don't just write a list of the activities you have done during the day, it's not eye-catching. Hope I was helpful with my advice! :-)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A day at home