I'm going to describe a simple, but exciting day on the weekend, spent at home.
           I usually wake up at 10 am and do my comfy bed. Sometimes, I do some sport to get in form and to get rid of laziness. Then, I prepare my breakfast because I'm very hungry in the morning. I always have milk with cereals and I firstly pour the milk in the bowl, then i put the cereals on. You can't change my mind because I'm a real chef. After that, i go to the bathroom to wash my face and to brush my teeth. After 5 days of school, my room tends to get messy, so i clean it very quickly. Then, I go in the living-room and I play some music to feel more relaxed for the rest of the day. When I start to feel absolutely fantastic, a sick thought drives my mind : I have plenty of homework to do. So i do it, as a good student that I am. After that, my little cousin comes to visit me. She is 1 year... old and a half. I love playing with her a lot because i feel like she understands everything I'm saying. She likes to dance, so we do that. Anyways, on the rest of the day i spend my time by watching netflix and chill......... or just scrolling through social media. 
           Before I go to bed, I like to read a little because it makes me sleep better. Then, at 12 am my eyes close and I start dreaming.

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