Dear diary,
This was such a boring day because I stayed at home. This isn't usual for me because I hang out with my friends every single day since I finished the 8th grade exam.
I woke up at 11 am because it's weekend and I was very tired after this exhausting week of school, I ate my breakfast with my mom and then I started doing my homework. After two hours of working for school I talked with my friends on Snapchat and then I watched my favourite series and movies. I spent almost 3 hours with that because I love watching TV shows, which isn't that good because it takes my spare time. I ate the lunch and then I read a book about friendship because I am in a big misunderstanding with someone that used to be very special for me and I am triyng to understand his actions cause I want to fix this. At 8 o'clock i had a warm bath ,then I ate dinner with my mom and I went to sleep.
Even if it seemed to be a boring day, it helped me to relax and to figure out that misunderstanding.

prea scurt; nu e ok sa faci doar o enumerare de treburi pe care le-ai facut - e nevoie de un punct culminant, de analiza si comentarii dupa

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