Dear diary, it is friday 13 th. Today was a shity day. I woke up at 6:20 am I was prepared for a new day of school.
        On my way to school I saw a car accident . Two cars ( a Dacia and a BMW) had a frontal collision right in front of me.
        I had arrived at school well , but I was late a little bit on the first.. first class.
        It was 6 hours extremely tiring, I gave a very hard test at math and I came back at]14 ]pm very tired. I had
got my baggage because I did not want to loose the train to Galati.
        At 15:30 pm it was ready, at 16:50 pm the train had to leave.
        I waited very much for my sister in the rain , with a lot of luggages to arrive there.
        She arrived too late and we didn.t catch ]the train , there was one at 17:15, but we lost it too because we went to get something to eat.
        We waited 2 hours in the train station on the luggages until another came.
        As soon as the train arrived we got up into it to avoid losing it too.
        Finally we arrived to Galati and we ate something good and we were happy it was just that for a friday 13 th!

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