Itís saturday morning and itís really early.
          Does it happen to you that during the week when you have to get up, you would give everything for an extra 10 minutes sleep, but on the weekend when you havenít pressure to get up, you wake up too early? well it happens to me often. Anyway, today it will be a great day. I will go to the music class and then I will go with my best friend to the cinema.
   first I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face because in this way, my morning begins better and I fell more rested. I  want to open the window to see the sun shining andÖ wait, what?  jesus, itís raining! seriously, my plans are destroyed now!.. well thatís it, Iíll stay at home all day and I hope itíll be a good one
            yea so now Iím going to make coffe... because a good day starts with a cup of hot black coffe.... anyway I fell a little bit sick if I think .......... , so a day to rest at home makes me feel better
            I  start listening to music, starts to play my favorite band and Iím drinking my coffe... while Iím watching at ... rain, God, I love rainy days
    ........ Also choose a good book, stay in bed and reading, ............ it s not a bad day at all, even it is a good day!

prea scurt

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