Well...Actually, I don't even know how to start.
I really like myself for being a very good student. An exceptionally exceptional one, I mean. And sometimes, being that kind of "perfect student" can make you exaggerate a bit. A bit more sometimes. All I want to say, is that being ambitious is a quality, but you need to know when to start stop, before it turns into recklessness.
So...Everything started a week ago, when my English teacher notified me that I need a one more 9 grade to really can remain that "perfect student" who I'm willing to be. God...Here we go...!
The preselection for "Indigo Mask", our school's drama club, were being have been finished for two months by now ago. But, unexpectedly, a week ago, one of the students who was about to play an important role in the play was taken to the hospital! Happily, it was only leg dislocation, but obviously, she was now unable to play her role. I was a bit sad for her, knowing that she has been traineding so much in vain.
As I was walking on the school's corridor, I overheard two of my friends, Samantha and Emily, talking about Vanessa, the girl who had dislocated her leg that week. "Poor Vanessa, will she get that 9 grade at least?", Emily asked, "I don't know, I guess? Our English teacher is always keepings his word, no matter what happens, you know?" answered Samantha. I wish I'd never be hearing heard that talk. At the next moment, I was asking them for information, and about 10 minutes later I was already talking to the stage director, a tall girl one year older than me, who put asked me earnestly respond answer some questions. "Do you have a good memory?",well, I told her about my grades; "Have you ever been acting before", I explained that although["deși"?] not since in High School, but in the Primary School I had a role in each play that had been organized. Leah only put asked me all kind of questions and, at the end...I took it! Poor of me...
Everything has fall fell apart when I saw how good are the others are acting compared to me. Nevertheless, they are still dissatisfied with how they interpret their role! I don't know what to do! I have better would better answered frankly to Leah when she was questioning me. From Since yesterday, all I am doing is watching acting tutorials on Youtube while eating ice cream because of losing my nerves! Yes , I could tell them the truth, but only if the show wouldn't be were not tomorrow! It would be only my fault if["dacă"] they cancouldn't hold the play! But, at the same time, I really don't want to put me to shamemake me shame...Now I wish I could have that kind of "indigo mask" behind which I could hide forever. God...I'm such a fool!

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