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All day at home

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Dear diary,

The whole day was just plain weird. I started my day by waking  up at 5 a.m. as always, feeling like a zombie. My cat scratched the door so I let him in. Usually in the morning I am just cranky, but today was somehow different. I put on my headphones as usual and played a random song from my favourite band. My mum isnít up yet so I just wander around the house like a ghost. I fed my cat and just made a quick sandwich for me. I got back upstairs and got dressed. And then remembered it was Saturday. I sighed and just got straight to bed so I could sleep a little more. When I woke up again, my mum was in the garden, so I decided to just work on my book in progress. After less than two paragraphs, I just went on the web for some research. I ended up googling cat memes at the end.  Usually at this point I would just read a book but I wasnít in the mood to, so watched a movie. After that I made myself and my mum some mint tea and ate breakfast.  I got my laptop so I could get some homework done but my cat came in and just decided that the computer is the best place to sleep on.  I tried to gently push him off but he didnít feel like cooperating. At this point it was already late so I decided to get to plan B. Food. If my cat loves something more than sleeping is eating, but even though I put the bowl next to him, he still didnít move. Annoyed, I just went to the desk determined to move that cat myself. Suddenly, he just got up, bored and stretched over the keyboard randomly writing on my homework. When I got to the screen, I saw he ........had........... just written: ĄCats will conquer the world, prepare to dieĒ.

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This is reateble at so many levels! Although I don't have a cat, I google cat memes a lot and I too think that some day they will conquer the world.
The plot twist is really funny  but it would be nice if you said something about what your reaction was. But it still is a really good and fascinating text. You should be careful with your cat. It's scary!



more cat puns please



I agree. Cats will conquer the world, but until then we have to do our homework and I think yours is great. The cat typing is slightly unrealistic but you pretty much summed up the things that happened on a Saturday in the life of an introvert. I loved that you ended the story with an unexpected twist. Be paw-sitive and keep working hard on your book!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » All day at home