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All day home...

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A whole day at home can be really boring. It s like one of those days when everybody is at school so you have noboby to talk to and you make popcorn and stay in bed watching series. it annoys me. Don't you feel useless?
come on! you can actually do something. Thatís what I said to myself while scrolling on Facebook. Funnily enough, just on that moment I happened to scroll past a video about how to make a French recipe - ratatouille. It looked easy to make but at the same time delicious, so I scrolled back and watched video. I thought to myself: why donít I make this recipe by myself, so I can surprise mum when she gets home with warm food? So I got to work. I searched for the ingredients in the fridge and in the cupboards. I had everything except for onions, so I first went to the fresh market, to get them. While I was putting the onions in my bag, somebody touched my shoulder. It was my friend, Daria! We chatted a bit and unbelievably, she offered to help me make the recipe! I was verry happy to realize i had such a supportive friend and we went to my house, where we put our ingredients together, chopped and mixed them, then cooked them in the pan. It all took us around one hour. However, we didnít even notice when the hour passed. We had so much fun while cooking, talking about school, favorite events we would like to go to, and our future plans. Afterwards we played some video games together, until my mum came from work. She was very pleasantly surprised over the food, as she had never tasted it before.
After all, a whole day at home doesnít have to be boring at all. There are so many interesting activities to be done, especially when one is in the right company!

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I like your story very much, it's fun and it also says that a day spent at home shouldn't be boring all the time. Even if you don't have the linkers in order to make your composition more fluent, I really loved the plot! I didn't expect that one of your friends would appear in the middle of the action, so it was definetely a nice plot twist. I also liked the idea of cooking the meal for your mother in order to impress her when she would get back home from work, c'est gentil! Keep more attention at the punctuation, prepositions and your stories will be even better! :-)



supportive is spelled with double p, isn't it?



yeah thanks


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » All day home...