Dear diary,
It's happening again and this time I don't know what to expect. It feels like nothing is worth it anymore.Everybody around me is trying to make me feel better but nobody knows the full story and all the emotions that come with it.I wish I had someone that would listen .............. all my problems without getting distracted...someone that would be there for me through my darkest times...someone that would comfort me with only their presance .But it seems like I will not find that person even if wanted to.Because it's hard to explain what is going through my head and many people don't understand what's up with me and many times they say that I am only an attention seeker but to be honest I wish i was that but I'm not.Today someone said rude things to me and started to criticize my looks and at first I was sad but then I realised that those insults will only make me a stronger person in the future but for now, those words that were said to me...they hurt me only when I think about them.
................[fa o tranzitie intre povestire si promisiunile astea, o concluzie] I promise you that I will be happy in front of my classmates because I know that if someone in a group of people is sad,the mood will change completely and I want my friends to have a good time.Also, I promise I will not think to....... much and i will rest well.Thank you for letting me tell my stories.
cam scurt

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