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Poor or rich

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In my opinion, social position shouldn't be a negative factor in relation with others. We can find common hobbies and common interests with persons from both categories.
            For me social position is not important when I met new people. I like good people , sociable people and with a nice character. I have friends from all social categories and I don't regret this.t
            Parents... money doesn't represent [s]us/s], nei[ther clothes or watches. We are just who we are and if we were all the same, the world would not have any more charm.
            I think that everyone has something to learn from the others, poorer from the richer and richer from the poorer. We must learn to listen ... each other.
            Money shouldn't be a reason to discriminate people.
            Everyone has a target in life, some people must fight to bring their target and some take it easier.
            Until the last tree is cut and the last fountaine poisoned won.t realise realise that we can't eat money.
            Then it will be harmony between people they will feel every beautiful moment of life and they will be happy together.
            We have the same blood , under different clothes and we must learn to be men with men.
            WE ARE ALL THE SAME!

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Correctly, the social position is not a negative factor! Yes, we are all the same! Yes, we have the same blood under different clothes, and we have to learn to be people among people, our feelings to resonate from soul to soul! I'm glad you do not regret having all the categories of friends! And the rich have to learn from the poor, and the poor have to learn from the rich! I totally agree with everything you have written in this argumentative text!



You're right! Never should we choose our friends the way they look or how much money they have in their wallet. People judge very quickly after appearances. That's a bad thing !!



I agree with you 100%. I believe that our financial status shouldn't affect the way our society treats us. I believe you are making a strong point in your essay and I love the idea of "harmony between people "as you said.



I also agree with what you have written and I believe that  everyone should have the same oppinion as you do. There is no difference betweet short or tall, slim or fat , red haired or blonde  so there should be no difference between rich or poor. We do not choose the families in which we get to be born and just because you are priviledged doesn;t mean you should treat others like they are your inferiors.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Poor or rich