Hey! I'm new here and I chose to write about the topic "You realize you're such a fool".                                                                                                                                                                            I don't remember what day it was or the season but I do can remember that someday my mom told me to go for a walk with her. Like every walk that she and I ever had, we had always talked about anything especially life and all the hings that come with this subject. So there we were walking to nowhere when she, my mom, started to tell me about her dreams from her childhood and how she ended up dong none of them. How many of her choices weren't what she truly wanted. After a good amount of time of speaking I asked her why she didn't make her life like she wanted to and she really didn't know the answer. She just told me that nobody taught her how to love herself, stand up for her self and even make the life for herself.                                                                                           So,the point is; I am lucky. Nowadays there are people who can love themselves and fight for their rights and life. I now how to live my life and make myself happy although I can find if I want to, things  that I complain about. I am a fool. I have a good life and I'm a lucky one. I live in good times and I have access o information that open my mind. Why not to just live? Let's just vibe people.                          I am really a fool.

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