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i realize i am such a fool

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Dear diary,

   I'm a fool. I realized this a few years ago, and since then I ............. always think about it. I realized I am bad, that I can not compare myself to other people in society and I do not think I will ever have a similar level. Every time I try to do something new I'm not successful, I'm incapable of trying something new, making a change.
   I ......... realized that there are people in society who represent the lower part, and I do not talk about social status, but about their souls. I think I make this society dirty. I do not feel able to appreciate the right value of myself. I do not think it makes sense to talk about obvious shortcomings. I think I have to change something in myself, to become better, to use my own person and society, but it does not succeed. I feel like a piece of living flesh that is used by anyone who wants it.
I do not believe in my soul, I feel dead inside.
   I am grateful to my parents for bringing myself .....to the world. But I'm sorry for disappointing them. I hope that in the future I will be more than a piece of living flesh, I will be a person, a soul, a human. But I do not know how to get to this feel......... . I'm tired.
    I feel ........... the most ugly....... man on earth, I have no God, I have no morals, I have no surprise, I have nothing.

e nevoie de ceva exemple concrete si de analiza lor

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Hey there!
I think that the real problem is that you compare yourself with others, that you underestimate yourself. Let me tell you that there is always going to be someone better than you, it's completely normal because we are just not the same, but that doesn't mean you're bad in any way. You should be happy with yourself and let that anger to motivate you, not to destroy you.
What you need to do is keep trying and keep learning, keep analysing your mistakes and try to avoid them in the future. You just need to believe in yourself and I'm sure you'll change for the better.



I've been there too, but for me that was around 6th grade and it lasted a week. The thing is that you shouldn't compare yourself that much with others, but with yourself. A "me vs me" contest if you want. We have to get better than how we were last year, last month, last week. For example, this is a healthy habbit: at the end of the month ask yourself:"What have I learned? " Make a list. They don't have to be great things. For example: I learned these new words, I learned how to write an essay. I'm sure it will make you feel better. Eventually you can make a second list of things that you want to accomplish in the next month.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » i realize i am such a fool