A whole day at home, huh? That's not an unusual thing for me, since I don't enjoy being outside a lot.
Now that I said that, you probably think I'm weird. Or a sociopath. Sure thing, I'm not a sociopath. It's just that I feel better in the comfort of my quiet room. If you're an outgoing person, I think you're already asking yourself how that is possible. Well, you might find out if you keep reading. If you're as ''different'' as me, call me already.
I wake up, even if I'd want to sleep a little more. Not today, 'cause we have veeery important things to do. Even if I'll barely leave my room. Go wash yourself, you stink, you have to look and smell nice. Drink some water even if you don't really feel thirsty. Eat something as fast as you can because, oh, you're such a slow eater.
Hooray, you washed yourself, you ate, you drank water, freedom! Now you have to do actual stuff. So, what's the plan?
First of all you need to check your phone (like you didn't already). Alright, if someone messaged me, I'll talk with them a little, not too much, since I have important things to do. Then, play some games, perhaps. I like to read, so I might read if I spend a whole day at home, but not that much. I get bored easily. I don't really watch TV, so I won't do that. I'm a messy person, which means my room's quite messy too. When I have the time, I clean it, all of it. That takes plenty of time too. If I start cleaning, I'll probably look at old notebooks, photos, and so on... Yup, that was the morning. Eat again at noon, probably sleep a little bit. Have a little snack (that fruit that grandma's been asking me to eat for ages already).
Since I said something about being home alone, that automatically means a little karaoke that will piss my neighbours off. Eh, they're doing the same thing with their power drill every week, so we're even.
I just remembered that I started a series a ton of time ago. I smell a little bit of binge watching, followed by some fangirling. Perfect.
Just so that I won't forget, you really need to know that when I get bored, extremely bored, I take photos of random stuff. Sometimes it becomes some nice piece of art, sometimes it's just boring. At least I am trying my hand, who knows.
As I was saying, if I spend a whole day at home I'm probably going to binge watch something, it can be either a series or just random stuff (that actually teaches me new things) on YouTube until I am very tired and I finally go to sleep.
If you managed to get here, now I can say that I have a very fascinating life. Ha! I knew it.
Being serious now, does anyone do anything that is actually captivating when they spend a whole day at home? I don't think so.

ar fi bine sa planuiesti ce scrii, ca sa nu incepi un subiect, sa-l abandonezi si apoi sa-l reiei mai tarziu - scade din efect

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