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A whole day at home

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A day at home sometimes is very boring but...........it is relaxed relaxingtoo.
I usually start my day at 9 o'clock when I wake up. Firts Firstof all I check all my social media accounts and then I go to the bathroom and I wash my face and ................ my teeth, I change my clothes and after these I have the breakfast. At the breakfast I usually eat milk with ceareals. Then I clean up my room because sometimes I'm obsessed with the order of things and I need to see every thing in his itsspot. When I .........have finished I like to read a book or if ..............it is a weekend day after a school week I do all of my homeworks homework and projects about school. I like to do homeworkshomework in the morning because I fell feelmore focused. I usually eat my lunch at 1 pm o'clock and after that I rest in my bed. In the afternoon I prefer watching ...a few episodes of my favorite serialseries or some good movies, spending my time with family or friends and listening ........ music. Mainly if ..........it is a rainy day I like to have a movie marathon. If my mom is busy with a lot of home stuff I give her a helping hand. For the most part my afternoon is very boring and I don't do anything interesting.
I finish my day having the dinner with family, taking a shower and before going to the bed I prefer watching a good show on TV or checking my notifications on the phone and social media. So that's what I do in a whole day at home. Although .........it is a boring day I like it because I can relax.

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First of all I want to say that I like your idea about this composition. It is interesting that you told us about what you do at home and   I really like that you said in your story that you help your mother when she is very busy !

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A whole day at home