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The dark side of his mind...

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Many people are scared of the dark, monsters under the bed or spiders. I'm not scared by this fear, but it's a place, where I find everywhere bad and sick things many lies, secrets and fake passions.
The innocents aren't for this place. It's like a terrifying swamp ready to swallow you. A contagious bacteria infested the shore. You cand find everywhere surprises such as very bad, angry and  ugly animals from the middel of the forest.
Maybe you don't know what I'm thinking about. There, every thought can be interpreted. ........ First impression is importaqnt. In a corner there are things, bag thoughts, whishes and in the other place there are lies and fake lovers. Some are shy, others have courage, but this thinking vegetable mind is in everyone. It's something disgusting. What you find there, what you cand find...it seems you are courious and you want to know, but the disgust and the fear are stopping you.
If you don't know what disgusting place I'm talking about, it's the boys' mind.

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I really like your composition, in particular  I was surprised how you presented the dark side of guy’s mind. It's an original idea! As you said, there are many types of boys, but it is clear that every boy, somewhere in a part of the mind has this dark side, more or less developed.



It seems like you have a particularly bad opinion about guys in general. I think this is just the impresion that some might have created to you, but after all you have to remember that not everybody is the same. Although I liked your composition and I think it's an original ideea.



I think you are a creative person and I like your style of writting. Not every guy has a dark mind, some of them have a pleasant behaviour.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The dark side of his mind...