First time posting here, wish me luck. Theme was "You realise you're such a fool" or something along those lines. Most of what I've written is fiction.

Diary entry Number 23
20th September
[adauga o introducere care sa sugereze subiectul ce va urma]
Took me long enough to realize that this was actually the worst day if my life...
I finally arrive home after 7 hours of intense classes and even more intense breaks. Waking up at 6 in the morning and sitting through 7 adrenaline-filled classes might make a lesser man go nuts, but not me. I'm just tired. Actually, I'm very tired. I could sleep in any position right now. As I throw my bag on the floor and throw myself on the bed I remember: I've left my hoodie in my classroom. I curse silently as I get back up and start thinking. The school might still be open I think as I slowly creep out of my room and go to the front door.

"Where are you going?" I hear my mom shouting from the kitchen. "Just gonna go for a quick jog." I lie as I close the door behind me. I sprint to the school's front gate. The metal gate is closed, but there's no lock on it. So, since I want my hoodie back, I push the gate just enough to get through it. I run across the schoolyard into the building. The double doors are closed, of course, but one of the windows is still open. I make my way through it and I get into........... the classroom. I quickly scan it, looking for my hoodie. I spot it on my chair, laylying there nicely. I grab it and away I go as I leave the school. Adrenaline's pumping when I hear someone shout from behind "Hey! What are you doing here?". Without looking back, I start running. "Why did I think this was a good idea?" I think to myself as I leave the premises. I get home wearing my hoodie and I go straight to sleep.

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