Romania is known for her great doctors and eople from all around the world come to study medicine in this country. Romanian students have decided to study abroad in the last ten years. You may wonder why romanian students and doctors decide to leave the country; aside from the small income, they are trying to get as far away as possible from the corruption, the lack of opportunities for professional development and bureaucracy in public institutions. the migrationof doctors tends to be permanent or long term. the number of employees in resegreh in Romania has dropped by about 30% in the las 20 years. Romania is among the countries that export highly qualified workforce. In the fields of research, medicine and information technology.
            The romanian health service is currently facing a crisis as thousands of highly skilled doctors leave to work in the UK and other europeancountries. Specialists would rather earn 5000 a month overseas than 500 in Romania. The working conditions in Romania are also precarious, hospitals look more like ruins than a place for patients to visit and get healed.
             For some doctors, going abroad means not only bigger salaries but also avoiding the social stignatization for the job accepted in his country. This is why the doctors are interested to identify and integrate in those location that offer considerably larger sums for an effort similar to the one in his native country.
             the migration of the doctors from Romania as  s phenomennis certainly a preocupation and a source of concern at the level of the decisions factors, being regarded as a matter of national interest. the physicians want social recognition, professional achievment and respect fom the society.