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your pride

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Dear diary 
   Last week I went to a camp in Germany. There, having a pretty busy schedule, I could not look at the wonderful finale that Simona Halep played. But because we are in 2018, we can use the internet to know everything we want. So after training, our coach went to google and found that ... Simona Halep won the Gran Slam. I felt very happy and proud. Making myself a sports performance I know what it means to work. And only when I think how much sweat has gathered on the tennis court where Simona is trained. For me it is a complete athlete. It is a model followed. But the most important thing I admired was her modesty. Some sincere tears and a sincere smile. Simona is the example of an athlete who works to the end. He falls out. Win ... continue to work hard. Lose .. continue. But all these things are supported by the whole team they have.
   I admire her and love her! He is a person with a warm and strong soul.

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I think that Simona it is a good example, by her ambition and a good example for the career you want. I like the composition and I guess who reads what you write begin to know you better  .



I have never read a composition about Simona Halep on this site. I'm glad you said about things so beautiful, I'm her number one. I wonder why I did not make a composition about it on this site because I had the opportunity. I too admire the personality and I think he is one of the most important representatives of Romania!



It's a great thing you have a role model that is worthy of being one. Having standers and goals is important for any one who wants to become successful. Good luck and who knows, maybe you are the next Simona!



Nice composition. I really like your story. It's very good. Keep going, you still have 3 more and at least 10 comments of at least 40 words each. Anyways, good job!



I have only forgotten a few appearances by Simone Halep and I can say that she is a gorgeous women, as you said very sincerely. The moment she crys and speaks to everyone as a peer, it makes us proud to say that Simona Halep is Romanian and then that she wins all the championships.



All the people who work are worth appreciating! Simona Halep is one of the best examples in the Romanian sports world! All people should be as laborers as she. Not only in the domain of sport, but in all domains, because each person follows his dream in the domain he has chosen.  :)



In my opinion, everyone,regardless of the situation, should continue working because only by working we will succeed in life. Simona Halep is a very good model for all of us. I like your ideas for this essay.

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I couldn't agree more. Simona Halep is one of our best athlete. She is a model for all teens who have a dream and fight for it. I am very happy as you because she has done such a performance. She is the best and a true Romanian!


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