Dear dairy,
   Every day is a challenge. It is well known and people still are surprised when something terrible happens. This is life, full of surprises.
    Today I had a very interesting day. Why? Some might ask. Well today I ran into a former classmate on my way home in the bus. We used to go everyday home by using the bus which would take a long time because we had lived far away from school. So in order to pass the time we started talking around at the beginning of grade 6. Even if we wore in the same class we didnít talked   much. We only talked in the bus on our way home. After many bus trips we became friends. But in the classroom our relationship remained the same due to being in different social groups. Still, we had many interesting conversations and we got along just fine.
    Passing forward, we got in..... different schools  and we havenít seen each other since July until today. It was weird because we met in such a familiar place, but so much time has passed. I changed a lot during the summer and so did him. We talked about our current lives, our new high schools and we gossiped our former classmates. We had fun like in the old days and this meeting made me thing about middle school and all of the stupid and fun things everybody has done. Funny how time flies away
      So today was an interesting day that made me realize that people change and that nothing is ever lasting. In conclusion, we should all enjoy our present but never forget our past.

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