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The sound of fire crackling in the fireplace fills up the room. IT’S worm light conquers everything , chasing even the darkest fears and thoughts away into the night. On the mantelpiece just a stack of letters and above it, secured on the wall an amazing sword. The sword[...TE REPETI] has an steel blade with a dragon engraved on it. The hilt is in the FORM of a mouth with jade fangs.
   In front of the fireplace a little girl with long blonde hair , white skin and big brown eyes is admiring the sword. Her name is Lillith. She is listening to her mom telling her legends about dragons and dragon hunters. But not all of them are just SOME bedtime stories: “Once upon a time there was a dragon named Xandor. As this dragon was a soul keeper he kept locked up all the souls that he had taken.One day a brave man went looking for this dragon wanting to kill him, releasing all of those souls. That brave man fought until he took his last breath taking the beast with him to the other side, but before he died, Xandor left an old shaman to watch over the captured souls. And UNTIL TODAY those souls ARE still prisoners, waiting for a brave person to come and set them free.”                                         
   It was’t the first time the child was listening to that story. She knew very well who that story was all about: her daddy.After he died she promised him that at age eighteen she will hav set his soul free, making him justice.
Ten years later Lillith grew up to be a beautiful seventeen year old girl, trained in the art of bow and arrow, dagger and of sword fighting. She trained all her life preparing for the moment when she’ll be standing face-to-face, confronting the shaman guardian.But no one had ever seen this mystery person, just rumours TELLING that he haS a red lantern and that he lives in a cave in the mountains, called “The cave of the deadS”.
  It was  winter. The world was covered by a white, cold blanket..like an ocean of snow. Once in a while the wind blew softly tossing around snowflakes. The day when Lillith WILL HAVE turnED eighteen was approaching quickly. Three days before the grand event, the young girl prepared enough food and water for a few days, took her trusty black horse and her beloved father’s dragon fighting sword and she left to MAKE her daddy justice.
When she left , the frozen silence of a winter’s dawn was taking over the world. Matted brown pine needles were peaking out of a powdery white carpet. Everywhere there were frosted trees sagging from the weight of last night's snowfall. The frostbite was slowly affecting her but nothing was stronger than her will to fulfill her quest. But not knowing where she could find the cave, was a real problem[...MUTA PROP. ASTA IMPREUNA CU FROSTBITE MAI SUS]. At night time, she made a little fire on a piece of dry land to warm up,she wrapped herself with a bear fur cloak, ate and went to sleep thinking about The cave of DEADS. Her father showed up in her dream. He was just walking with the sword in his hand. Lillith tried to call him but he didn’t answer, he kept on going. His heavy footsteps were leaving deep footprints in the fresh snow. In a few moments, the girl realized that she was seeing her father going to fight Xandor.
The sun was shining, sending  fire tongues in Lillith’s eyes. She woke up anxiously , breathing heavily with sweaty palms.Her eyes were shining. She knew the way to the cave!
She rode for one day and one night’ till she final[...]y found what she was looking for. She dismounted the horse at the bottom of the mountain, tied it’s bridle to a tree nearby and than walked all the way up to the cave taking her courage in both hands. She had been waiting for this moment all her life: the moment she WILL HAVE set her father’s soul free.
Now, it felt so real. The moment HAS come.The emotions were mixed. Anger and happiness, both at the same time were messing with her.
“Show your face, you monster!” she yelled with tears in her eyes.

A tall silhouette was slowly approaching in the dark. It was a man wearing a cape. “There was something wrong about the way he walked, as though one of his feet dragged, and about the lantern he carried. The lantern was dark, and the man held it up to his mouth and blew, and instantly it glowed redly.”( Witch’s brew, Alfred Hitchcock)
“I’ve been expecting you, Lillith” , he whispered with a grin on his face.



Interesting story. You made me want to read more. I like your ideas and way you ended your story.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Lillith