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dear diary - Guilt or Sheam

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Dear diary,

       I promise you that this is the most sincere moment. I'm not a liar.
Today at the training room, I lied to my coach just to let me free for the next 2 or 3 days. Of course with a good reason: school. Honestly for me the first place is school. After all, it's not known when I can crash and stop training. What do I do if I did not have a school? Let me tell you.
  After I finished my training, I took the courage to go to my trainer and explain the situation. I really did not have what to do. I got my heart in my teeth, even if there was a risk to refuse. I tried to explain to the coach in a good way to understand: even if everything was an innocent lie. The enthusiasm was thought and the answer was, to my surprise, a positive one. But he left with a rather sad feeling. I felt guilty that I said a lie. And I also feel it when I have a little fight with my mother in banal things. And I cry, I consume. But at that moment I really felt like I had made a sin. But I decided that any problem I have I would better tell the truth and say it in a very beautiful way to convince the man or the woman.

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Hello there! Sometimes you need to take a break, even if you feel like that might disappoint your trainer or your mother. I know that you were left with a feeling of guilt, but you should try making the people surrounding you that you get tired sometimes, you have other things to focus more on and I'm 100% sure they will understand even if you're brutally honest.  We create a distorted image of the people important to us, that we might disappoint them and that they won't understand us, but it's a false thing to believe because every human is understanding.



Liyng helps you some times, but the truth will always find a way to shine brighter, so if you lie to get yourself out of a problem, remember that there is a really big chance of getting caught and your problem will get worse.
P.S. Don't be an Evan Hansen 😉


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » dear diary - Guilt or Sheam