I  was terrified! My dream holiday turned into a nightmare.
     Last year, my parents and I were travelling around Europe. We visited the capital cities of Italy, France and Germany, and then we arrived in London.
     There we were fascinated by beautiful buildings: The impressive Buckingham Palace, Big Ban or London Bridge.
      Then we visited the major tourist attractions, we decided to go to Oxford Street, to do some shopping.
     My dad wanted to change money so we entered a bank.
     We were waiting in line, when we heard a gun shot.
     We were really scared and we had under the table.
     The thieves asked for 10 million pounds but they also took three hostages: my parents and I.
     We were terrified by the thought we were about to die.
     After they were given the money, they left the bank, releasing us.
     Then, a couple of hours later, we were happing to find out the thieves were cought  leaving London.
     I will never forget this experience because it shoked me.