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Be thankful for your health. No matter what health issues you have, there is always someone out there who is worse than you. For example, think of all the children with life threatening illnesses, better yet, think of all the children and their families who are dealing with these problems and have no support. No matter what age you are, be thankful you are alive and healthy.
    Be thankful for your families. Some families only see each other one time a year, while others have gatherings several times a year. Having family members who get along with each other is a blessing in itself. Be thankful for families who can come together, especially during the holidays, have dinner and conversations without fighting. There are many families who do not desire to have holiday gatherings. Be very thankful for the loving family you have.

prea scurt - adauga vreo 2 exemple concrete de situatii in care se aplica problemele despre care scrii aici

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You are perfectly right! In this world there are children who see their parents once a year or receive a gift once every few years. We should be grateful to our parents for the way we live, because we have a house, food on the table, clothes and because it gives us a family.



Yes,we should be grateful for everything we have. It is so sad to see that people take for granted stuff like  good health,wealth,family are.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Gratitude