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Dear diary, gratitude

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Gratitude isn't  a feeling you feel for anything, this feeling you have feels for your friends and family.
          Three weeks ago something happened to me that made me understand the importance of having a friend near you and appreciating it.
           Stefan is my   best friend, we 've......... always been together. We understand everything, movies, music, food, books. We have the same tastes.
We have the same tastes. We are in the same class and when it comes to choosing a team mate we look at each other. We had to do a project in a the team of two. Stefan and I wanted to be in the same team, but the teacher put us in different teams. I was with Larisa and Stefan with Mario.
           The boys were glad. I was not too pleased with the idea because I did not like understand Larisa and I knew she did not want to work on the project. The project had to be completed in a week. Our project was "The Great Sphinx in Giza".
             I thought we might try to make a mosaic of the great sculpture. Larisa told me she didn't  want to do much, I knew that this topic had to be done well because it represented 50% of the final grade. I have been working all week on my own. I only had half the model to do, just that I had to take care of my younger brother. Then I knew who to call. I called Stefan to ask him to help me. He came without asking any questions. He stayed with my brother while I finished my layout and paperwork. I honestly don't  think I would have succeeded without Stefan.
            On the presentation day, Larisa and I took ten, I didn't say anything to the professor believing she would thank me.
             I thanked Stefan and we got took a chocolate ice cream. I think it is important to have close friends to support you, but you should have to be grateful to them.

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very very very nice!!! well done on this one! i really enjoyed it and my honest advice is to never let stefan go away from your life! he seems a nice, helpful person. the saying "a friend in need is a friend indeed" really matches you two. regarding to larisa, you should really tell her something. you are classmates so you shouldn't get into a quarrel, but still draw her attention by telling her how it's not okay to let someone work on a project alone when there are 2 people supposed to work on that project!



Gratitude is indeed something that everyone needs because nowadays we take many things for granted. Especially the people close to us. As for Stefan, he seems like the type of person who is always there for you and whose friendship you need to cherish. Your story was terrific even though it didn't have lots of details


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Dear diary, gratitude