Dear diary,
I like talking to people ; that's called being an extrovert. So I took my friend, Sam,  with me in an acting class. There you have to act on a stage in front of a group of people. I wasn't stressed at all. We were given some examples that we had to improvise as good as we could. I had to pretend I was on a plane and that plane was falling because of a wing malfunction. I was one of the passengers (among with the others) and I had to act like I was very calm and patient. So, I got into character , I grabbed some newspaper and calmly started to read. I even stopped a student acting like a panicking stewardess and asked her if I could have another cup of tea. Everyone in the public laughed. The pilot announced we were crashing, so,everyone screamed , but I just said :
"Could you turn off the screaming sounds? I'm trying to concentrate... That reminds me, can I have a glass of concentrate orange juice instead of a cup of tea,please?"
At that moment, everyone was laughing so hard, I kind of lost it and smiled. I got up, but as soon as I got up from my seat, I tripped over a random cord on the floor. I was so embarrassed at that moment, I just stood there frozen for a couple of seconds, but Sam,which was behind me, saved me and said:
"Finally! Now she's falling too!"
The crowd was just cheering and applauding. The show had a very big amount of people attending to it, so the room was field with applauding sounds and laughter and even whistles.
After that moment, I learned to get over any embarrassing moment with a smile on my face.

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