Dear diary,

Like any other person on this world, I do have a mother. Someone gave me birth and raised me all this years with a lot of care and attention. I am someone's child and that someone is one of the greatest persons in the whole world. That special person is my mom.
For me, beside her appearence, so many other things are important. She gave me life and she has been always there for me. She changed my diapers when I was a baby, she feed me every day and later she taught me how to feed myself; she help me learn to walk, run and play. She taught me how to put into words and how to experss myself so that you, others, understand what I have to say.

She explained me why didI had to listen to others but to think for myself, to judge for myself , to choose what is good for me and act properly. She showed me through the power of  her example how to behave and which things I have to respect in life in order to get respect from others and sleep good at night.

She ....has...... always been there for me with a warm smile, a kind word, a calm voice and a good advice when I asked for one. She always encourages me and keeps telling me that I can do it, whatever I choose to do. Even when the things didn't turn up the way I have imagined them, she showed me how to make two grins grow where there was only a grouch before, and keep trying.

The person I am today turned out ok because my mother took time for me and she has been loving and supportive, sometime even pushy. I hugged my mom in the morning, before heading to school for all the reasons I have mentioned earlier. I love my mom very much and I am very grateful to have her.

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