Gratitude or shame
    Thanksgiving is an American holiday in which gratitude is being celebrated. This holiday is meant to give people a chance to EXPRESS THEIR   APPRECIATION FOR SOME SPECIAL PEOPLE IN THEIR LIFES    . Some TELL the truth; some say they arenít grateful for anything.  Time to time I ask myself IF I AM  grateful FOR SOMETHING and the only answer is for the people in my life.   
        Me and my friends talk a lot about personal matters. One says that school is too much and, one talks about boys and another one talks about food. The thing is, we talk a lot and the subjects change as the weather DOES . Itís great. I like to think that I am a good listener and that I also give decent advice. I love being there when I am needed, when somebody needs a shoulder to cry on. It makes me feel like I know what I am doing with my life. But I donít like IT when I am the one in need for somebody to talk to. There are days when I donít even feel like answering my phone. I just like to be that person who helps not the one that needs help. There were moments when I didnít want to open up to anybody, but my closes friends made me talk and I have to admit that their task wasnít easy.
      You see, there are different types of friends. They are the one only good to party with, the ones you have at school and the ones that always had your back. IT Is easy to have many friends, but isnít it better when you can truly be yourself? It is. So I am grateful for those friends that I can share everything that is on my mind, for those who donít label me based on stupid mistakes or gossip. I am grateful because I get to be happy and my weirdest self with them. So if you are grateful for something or someone donít forget to tell them.

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