Guilt or shame
     Every day we are forced to make choices and each choice leads on a different PATH . ALong the way we are prone to making mistakes. This is how life works  . It's fine to be wrong and to have no idea how to make things right again, but when you forget what is good and what is bad you have a problem. Then again, problems are meant to be solved.
      The first time that I had felt guilt must be in kindergarten when I took one toy home. I must say that it wasnít allowed to take toys home. Anyway at first I felt fearless, like I am the best, but by the time I got home I was ready to cry and to go back to return that toy. Guilt is easy to understand. Itís simply part of being a decent human.
     Shame is different. Shame can make you feel hopeless and sometimes because of it people end up obsessing over something dumb they did in middle school. I caní remember the first time I felt shame, but I can remember one time when I skipped school to stay home to watch a TV show. I know it isnít something too bad remembering the fact that I did worse, but I felt ashamed of myself. There are cases when shame is a good thing. Take this for example: you did a stupid thing, you feel ashamed of yourself and then you keep remembering how you felt that day. Therefor you never do the same mistake.
    I donít think that guilt is better than shame  or anything, but  sometimes  feeling one of them can make an improvement in oneís life.

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