We are living in a modern world in which technology is developing faster and faster at an amazing speed. People are supposed to be more and more educated and live a healthy and especially clean life. Health is closely related to a clean environment not only to what we eat. I wouldn't have ever imagined that I could see nowadays dirty and disgusting places nobody cares about.
One day I was passing by a landfill and I couldn't believe my eyes. First of all, the smell was unbearable and the sight was horrible. Of course, there should be a place where the rubbish could be thrown  away , but I think that this place must be organized in a civilized way. Secondly, we should take into consideration the benefits of recycling and all that rubbish must be selected and gathered in separate containers. On the other hand, there should be enough staff with special equipment who could clean the place in a certain way, because the landfill I saw near my city was surely a source of infections and diseases for all the citizens. I can tell you that the smell from that landfill followed me several days and I had nightmares at night.
I have some friends from abroad, Germany, more exactly and they came last summer and wanted to have a barbecue in the forest. The place we found was very beautiful but somehow near that awful landfill. My friends were very surprised that we couldn't find solutions for such an important and vital problem in our daily life. It was hard for them to understand the fact that the authorities and community in our city are so careless, irresponsible and reckless. Their indifference will have very bad consequences in our future. I suggest that we should take immediate measures to stop this black stain in our life. It's time we got rid of this shame!!!!!

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