Dear diary,
Today, I will speak with you abouuuuuut
Iím special becauseÖ

Firstly, why Iím special is because Iím a gift of god. Iím special in the way I am and look. I go to a good school and enjoy it. I get a lot of homework every day but I cope even though itís difficult. Sports is also very special to me. I attend church and Sunday every week. What makes me special is because I enjoy everything I do and love my parents and my sister very much. The whole family is very close and I love playing with my cousins. To me it is important to talk and play with other children and races. To know their ways and cultures are also important because I go to school with different races. I also like to share like when some of my friends at school donít have bread then Iíll share with them. My parents also make potjie kos and invite all the children in the road for a plate of food. What is also special for me is that Iím allowed children into my home and play on my computer as they donít have. It really makes me feel good to see them happy. So to me I am special in Godís eyes.

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