In high school I met a person who can not have pretty good words to please him enough for what he did for me. This is the former professor of mathematics now retiring.
I got the opportunity to get to know him best in the seventh grade because he was tutoring me for math for national evaluation. He is a person who wants to stay more with his family, and even tried in one year to summon all the cousins to a family reunion, but he did not get out because they could not all come , because they were abroad.
But the dearest thing was the last day of training, when I made the most difficult national assessment test so far and I did it right in one hour and when it finished correcting my test he gripped his hand and told me I was fully prepared for the exam. And it turned out to be right, because I had taken the maximum mark on math.
Finally, I would like to thank my parents for giving me the chance to meet a remarkable person and to thank to mister professor Balasa Petre for the advice and training he gave me along the eighth and seventh grade.

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