Everybody admits that your home can influence your lifestyle.You can either live in a big city or in a village nearby. Choosing one of them  affects your routine and not only. While most people would prefer to live in the city, more and more families embrace the idea of living  further away from Iasi.
One of the main advantages of living in such a village is the freedom from noise. Nowadays people want to get away from the traffic jams, the noise, the crowds and the stress. The tranquillity of a house is a more isolated area is appealing.
More than that in such an area the environement is less polluted since where are no factories but there are larger green spaces, forests, orchards. Land prices can be another thing to consider when you choose where you want to live. They are lower and it's worth buying a place  there.
On the other hand low prices could  could be a disadvantage in case you want to sell your propriety. Another downside could be the distance between your home and facilities. You don't have as many shops, gas stations, top schools, places for entertainment as you would have if you were living in Iasi.
Winter time can also represent a problem, because the priority of the authorities will always be the urban area. Thus it can be difficult to acces the roads when it snows heavily.
All in all, when you choose a  suitable home , you should take into account proximity to your places of interest. Although this might be a true,  a personal car can be a life-changer

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