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Colegiul National ''Mihai Eminescu'' Iasi is a well-known school, being one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the city; since it is a school for which you have to study to get in, has a very high percentage of promoting the final exam, is werry well seen by the students who have just finished primary or middle school and are looking to pursue their studies, you should feel privileged to be a student here (or so we are made to think).
    I think that, even thought we have a lot of great teachers who make their best trying to make us understand what they are teaching us, we also have a lot of teachers who don't quite understand the impact they have in a students willing to learn; and I personally think that, a students good results are owned not necessarily to his teachers, but mostly to his hard work and studying (and the great atmosphere we have in the school is also thanks to the students).
   Also, just a quick visit to our school makes you see that our facilities could be improved; the inside of the school needs a very well-deserved upgrade (especially the bathrooms), and the fact that the students have to purchase their own furniture for the classroom when it gets too old is not that great.
   All in all, it is a good school to do your studies and gives you a lot of opportunities, but i don't necessarily consider myself to be a privileged student, since is not very different from the other schools.



I'm agree with you when you don't necessarily consider yourself to be a privileged student. Both you and I, also the others students, we've worked hard to be here and therefore isn't a privilege(in the full meaning of the word). I think myself as a lucky student to be at CNME, because I like it.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » CNME