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The ugliest appartament I've ever seen

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One summer vacation I went with my parents in the mountains.  I love going on trips and visiting other cities and villages.
It was raining and I was in the car. My dad usually drives faster than he is supposed to but that time he was driving really slowly. I was looking at the window analyzing every tree, every building and every drop of rain that was flowing on the carís window.  I was wondering if we were getting closer to the destination because I had already spent 3 hours doing nothing. I was really bored. After some more time, we arrived at the pension. A distasteful woman showed us the room with a neutral, almost inexistent smile on her face. The atmosphere was very strange, it was too quiet. My dad told us he was going to take a nap but as soon as he got in the bed, the bed broke. After that I went to the bathroom. It was very dirty and I saw a huge cockroach. I am really afraid of bugs in general and when I saw that cockroach moving towards me I screamed so loud that the offensive woman came to us and asked us if we were ok.  My dad told her the problems and she apologized but it wasnít enough. We left anyway and we never came back to that mansion. What a disgusting place.

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I want to ask you if you didn't  check the hotel before you dropped. I think you did well that you left. Still, I think you could have described a more ugly apartment. A broken bed and a few cockroaches are few things besides what you can find in more terrible houses.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » The ugliest appartament I've ever seen