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Being student at CNME

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I still wonder sometimes, 'what my life would be like if I hadn't chosen CNME?'. Maybe I would be a totally different person with different hobbies, knowledge and personality. I don't regret choosing this school. I have been a student here since 9th grade. My first months in this school made me very depressed and disappointed in myself. I was scared of not being able to face my program's requirements and I was thinking about changing the program. But I kept telling myself I need to make progress in order to be proud of myself in the end.
Some of the great things about CNME are that there are many extracurricular activities in which students may participate to broaden their experience.  The teachers are not as bad as they seem either. I don't really like all of them. It's completely normal to not like all their teaching styles or their personalities. They are trying to do their job and they have our best interest at heart so don't be so hard on them. Also, the classmates are one of the most important parts to a successful learning experience. Luckily, I have the best classmates and they were the ones who convinced me not to transfer to another program. We are very close to each other. School is not just about studying, it's about socializing and making friendships which can last a lifetime. I realize  that despite being a very prestigious school, CNME has, like every other school, some downsides too. The building is very old and I can't say it has the greatest facilities. I would like to have light bulbs that actually work without suddenly exploding, or some toilet paper and some soap in the bathrooms. I would love to have video projectors in every classroom. They could be very useful for our teachers to make lessons not seem so boring and for us to have interesting presentations.
All things considered, being a student at CNME is a unique experience despite the disadvantages. Maybe our school isn't provided with the newest facilities, but people in this school are the ones who really matter.



I can say that you're right about the soap in the bathrooms. It is true that our school not have, in all cases, all the proper facilities for modern education, but, like you said, the people matters the most. Good luck!

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Being student at CNME