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Dear diary,pride

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Pride is a feeling that can make you unable to see certain things. For example, the fact that you need help or accept the advice of others. In Caroline's case, pride didn't  realize she needed more training for the competition.
          Three weeks ago he had a tennis match. The school team was intensely prepared. Carolina is the captain of the team. And it is considered the best, everyone praises it.
          I  get along with everyone in the team, but most of all I get along with Mira and Carolina. I went every day when they had training to take pictures of the school magazine and to see both of them.
Two weeks before the big match, Carolina began to stop training, stayed in vain for a while, eating only nonsense and making no move. The coach and the others told her to start training, but she said she wouldn't  do that because she didn't  need it because she was the best and no one could beat her.
          On the day of the match, Carolina wasn't feeling well. She tried to play as well as she could, but she was weak. Her coach explained to her why she couldn't  play as well as in other matches. Her body was weak, her movement was slow and she didn't  quite sleep . Plus she should have to train every day. The girl apologized for the way she behaved. And from now on she will not do the superintendent anymore.



You have given a very realistic example of what might mean pride. If we are too proud of ourselves and past successes, let's forget that it does not matter what we did, but what we are doing now and in the future, pride can become something dangerous that can confuse our plans, as happened with the character in your story .



I think that your example is very realist. The sad truth is that pride can even kill people so we got to be careful.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Dear diary,pride