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Gratitude is a positive, pleasant feeling and requires both respect and modesty. It's a beautiful way to thank a person for doing good, for helping you or for doing you a favor. A simple smile, a simple "thank you" can be enough and they will make the day of the person. Perhaps you will make her feel better and enjoy her help and help. Small things like this means a lot. Even a warm look, eyes with large eyes and flattering eyes that are honest and gentle thanksgiving will light a person's day. Being grateful does not make you want to be lashed and does not even mean you are incomprehensible. It's a gesture just as important as self-esteem and the person who has done you good because you will make her feel good in her skin by helping you at the same time. In addition to being grateful can be even a quality because you will not reach the lie saying it's just your merit when it's not really.



I agree with you. Gratitude really is something taking for granted these days. What we can a do is try to pay attention at the little acts of kindness people do everyday.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » GRATITUDE ✨