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Dear diary ,

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Dear diary ,

   Today it was one of the most beautiful days of my life, as many unexpected and wonderful aspects happened to me. I had the opportunity to know, through Filit's work, two contemporary writers. It's Ioana Bradea and Andrei Craciun, who impressed me, because their writings are based on the feeling of freedom. They are highly rated authors.
   The whole activity was initiated by Professor Serinella Zara, an eminent teacher in the school where I learn. As moderator, her hard work was heavy but endowed with praise and memorable gestures. What really impressed me is the complex level through which the teacher approached the whole development of things to the smallest representative details. I appreciated  her for the huge effort and passion that were put in the whole event.
  The authors' confessions were somewhere between the challenge of sensibility, the invitation to reflection and meditation,  the emotional experience, the communicative openness and self-knowledge. Both using  a colloquial (Ioana Bradea) and a spontaneous language (Andrei Craciun) , they manifested liking and affection towards us, the receptors. I asked various questions, and they answered with sincerity.
    There was also a special moment for the writers: a video that portrays the vision of Andrei Craciun's creations in the book "Poems for the Unknown."
For Ioana Bradea, we made an album about her work and her artistic preferences. Writers have made an honorable impression on the club in which we are volunteers - "Logos".
   At the end, both of  the artists signed our books  or our t-shirts. I took pictures and talked face to face with the authors. What has forever marked me at these Filit meetings was the originality of the atmosphere and the depth of expression, because  "people are not different because of what they say, but because of what they do. " ( Mihai Eminescu )

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Dear diary,
     Today was a very exciting day. I participated to an out-of-school  activity related to Romanian language in a school in my town. It was, actually, a contest, in which I presented an essay, dedicated to ”Dimitrie Cantemir”  highschool. The project was called "Teenage's Avatars. Images in Literature ".
      I have prepared for this activity for a long time . I read two books related to the theme. They were called "Blind teen's novel" by Mircea Eliade and "Rem" by Mircea Cărtărescu . Between these two  we have made a literary parallel. I have documented and studied various books on the internet and also valued  my talents and imagination by writing about these  two volumes. I like the book "The Blind Teenager's Novel" as I find myself in the author's vision, as well as  in his deep ideas. "Rem" has not fascinated me totally, because  the writer approached  some small aspects which I have never experienced.
      My Romanian teacher helped me a lot in drafting my work, constantly checking me and correcting any minor mistakes. She advised me to study  books of literary criticism. She trusted me constantly, that  is why I am extremely grateful to her.
      The other rivals were, of course, thrilled . Some rivals have been prepared for this  activity long, long before. Others learned in the evening before the contest. I talked with them before and after the competition . Everybody was in the "Philology" profile like me . We had common passions – the reading. I was like them through this noble and precious activity. I was proud that the "Philology" profile is very well rated today in some elite high-schools in the district . In this sense, there are children who want to learn, to read, to play theatre or anything else that incites them enjoyment . Many students want to follow "Law School", "Letters" or "Applied Modern Languages". I told them that I wanted to go to the section "Romanian Language-French Language" or "Romanian Language-English Language" to become a teacher of Romanian literature and language. I hope to be successful in fulfilling this dream.I  have wished to materialize memories/moments since childhood.
      When I had to write the essay, I had, of course, emotions. I introduced myself and  began  to speak coherently about the subject of the teenage years, with all its joys and delights. The discourse was marked by clarity, expressiveness and rigour of ideas, as confirmed by the evaluating teachers . Finally, the people in the room  claped me and yelled  "Congratulations! " and  "We are waiting a lot more from  you!". I felt honored  and proud of my accomplishment.
       I expect these days to get an answer which will confirm my hard work and I hope it will be a happy one.

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-trip to a certain location -
                                                                                              Dear diary,

          Today was an exciting and tiring day. I visited, with the teacher and the classmates, the Botanical Garden in Iasi. I really liked the beauty of the colours  and vegetal  diversity. I spent a wonderful day with my classmates. In all the systematic sections of the whole concourse of circumstances, I contemplated beautiful  aspects  and stunning colours.
           I found out that the Botanical Garden in Iasi is the largest botanical garden in Romania.
           "The first botanical garden in Iasi was founded in one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six by Anastasie Fătu and existed until his death, when the land was sold by his descendants. In 1873, the Society of Physicians and Naturalists in Iasi sets up a second botanical garden, near the old one, but it did not correspond with  the standards. It was planned to create one behind the Palace of Culture, but it was not completed for lack of funds. Then, professor  Alexandru Popovici founded a new botanical garden behind the University building, where he built small greenhouses used for growing tropical plants. This location has been preserved for more than fourty years when it was decided to move the garden to the current space on Copou Hill. Botanical Garden in Iasi covers an area of approximately one hundred hectares divided into twelve sectors, each of which having another specific. "
            All this information was presented to us by the tourist guide. I have to keep them to be able to present them at the biology project tomorrow. I need a good mark.
            In the greenhouse concourse of circumstances, I saw mediterranean, tropical, subtropical plants (cactus  collections) and ornamental flowers. I reminded myself of the linden, hornbeam, oak, beech, poplar and sycamore maple plantations in the dendrological section. At the "Rozarium" section I noticed over six hundred types of roses:  midget  roses, rising roses etc. (I did not remember all ) The ornamental, grassy and woody plants were located and grouped according to the succession of the  effloresce. At the flora and vegetation section of Romania, species that are threatened with extinction or rare category are protected . We took photos  and team projects on the basis of the knowledge gained in this activity. We bought souvenirs. I went through this visit to the botanical garden in the fascinating universe of botanical biology.

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The first narrative composition -  a situation when we were lucky  / You got lucky                                                                                         
                                                                                            ,,Silly to be , good look to you ! ”

     It was Tuesday. A typical school day. I did not have heavy classes, but my biggest fear was at first time, at geography. I did not learn anything because I had not had time. I wanted my teacher not to listen at the map.
    The bell rang. In a few minutes, the lady came to the classroom. I was scared. She noticed absences for those who were not present at the time. The first tested pupil was announced. It was not me . What a relief !Firstly... Dumitru, this is the name of the clasmatte who answer . He was asked what the title of the lesson is called. He responded clearly and resolutely : "The Terrestrial ". Then he showed the major, medium and minor tectonic plates on the map. Interestingly, I could not identify all the specific items so well and in a short time . I was glad for him because he was successful .
    Teacher always works on a very high level; many of the questions are not included of the lesson taught in the notebook. To answer questions, we must have a well formed general culture. She often entangle our classmate, asking him many difficult questions. He, being passionate about history and, of course, geography, was able to answer all the questions . He had little hesitations, but the new mark at the end provided him with a great result.
    The following pupils were tested through rock and mineral types. They could not learn because we always have an extremely crowded program. They did not recognize the continent and its specific countries on the map. The lithological forms of the relief were taught  in the notebook briefly. Teacher asked many supplementary questions to check our perspicacity. Pupils did not answer any simple question . It noticed on their faces that they will fail the hard questions with ,,congratulations ” . They received the mark entitled ,, three ” . They were pretty disappointed, but that's it! That's the high-school life! It is important, I think, to discover your vocation and your fundamental skills. To evolve how well you can !
     Just a quarter of an hour and the terrible time of geography end  .Seeing that there is very little time until the end of the hour, I calmed down. The teacher did not have time to test me . To my disappointment, Miss Professor opened the catalogue again and told me to go to the blackboard . Oooo, bad luck !!!!!!!!! I  knew nothing , and then it was the "right time" to prove it! I was evaluated, of course, from several scientific notions and applicative exercises. I did not know how to answer correctly at all.My classmates gave  me none help, no one said anything. Oh my god !!!!
I have not been expecting since then a reasonable average.  I did not think I would take a pass mark. Everything was shattered because of that unpredictable moment.
     "What are the external agents of volcanic relief? "," What are the geographical landmarks for measuring and representing terrestrial space? "- these are just a few of the thousands of questions that intimidated me and struck me all of a  lot . I was in an extreme situation ...
      Suddenly, something inevitable happened. The bell was heard. And the whole oral evaluation was not over and done with. The geography teacher says, "You were lucky! I'm gonna test you the next hour, I have not finished the whole evaluation for you, I can not put you a mark! ” etc. What a joy for me! I got rid of the big  torture ! I was lucky . I felt relieved. .
       From this incident, I learned that it is important to be prepared for any situation... anytime, anywhere and anyway.From then, I have learned constantly  at all the subjects  not to have any unpleasant experiences of this type. I remembered a popular quote that  fit perfectly with what I lived on that day: ” Silly to be , good luck to you ! " .

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Dear carnation, I hope that you won that literary contest and I hope that you will become a teacher. This is my dream too. Who knows? Maybe we will meet or even become friends at university. The attitude of our teachers has a very important influence on the outcome of our lives. I firstly wished to become a teacher in fourth grade, when I was “punished” with teaching geography because I have had disturbed my tutor’s lesion - first time I fell in love with teaching. In fifth grade I discovered my love for Romanian language and I ended up at Philology due to the interest that my former Romanian teacher took in me. Without her guidance my life would be so different now and I would probably be a whole other person. Keep up the good work! May our dreams come true!


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