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Dear diary gratitude

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Dear diary,
   It was an ordinary autumn day. Of course I went to school in the morning. After the first hour, a mate needed ME to help him with the HOMEWORK in Romanian. Because I had nothing better to do, I helped him. I explained how to write, I gave it THE HOMEWORK and worked together. At the Romanian language he listened  the HOMEWORKS. After an hour he thanked me and was grateful because he promised me that he would help me another day.
   This feeling makes me feel better, happier and more helpful than others because I WAS asked for help. And when a friend lent me a video game, I was very grateful to him. And in turn I helped him if he needed it.
   And that's how we get help and  SHOW mutual gratitude. It is good to be grateful to the one who helped me because it is a kind of reward for the other, to be grateful to him ...

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I agree with you, we always have to remain grateful to those who ask for help without wanting anything in return. I have had many situations in which I have been asking for help and today I thank them from my soul because they have taught me to return all the good I get to the helpless people than  me.



I think you did well by helping your friend. We don't  have to wait for someone to ask us for help. I believe that what a man does, good or bad, will return to him. If you help, you will be helped.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Dear diary gratitude