My childhood is a common one with happy and sad moments, with all sorts of health and unforgettable memories.
This wonderful stage of life never looks, and from time to time we look nostalgically, praying to him, to come back to us.
I remember my childhood friends and the Nazbats I made with them.
Once, with my grandparents, along with two other comrades who are busy and full of ideas, like me, we decided to try the strawberries in my neighbor's garden, a hardworking old man, but ... a little scary. We found a fence, we slipped in there easily and ... well, I slipped into the bush of strawberries that Aneta had planted near the back of the house. When the world was dearest to us, an old dagger of our neighbor felt our presence and began to shake. I thought the old man would not take this into account, but not long after, I saw her coming to us with a jaw in the sky and a land. We jumped frightened and started to hurry up where we came. Unhappy with me, I was the last one. When I was about to breathe easy, something targeted me instead of a fence in the fence, hung my coat, and I could not go on the other side. The scales were catching me. My ears swelled through the harsh hands of the old man. My grandparents told me that she smiled at me and said, "You got your pay for it, did not you?"
Yes, but I would repeat once this experience only by thinking of those big and big strawberries of our neighbor.
Now those times have passed. The old man's house is just an old stable in which huge weeds grew. Its garden looks like a deserted place, covered with weeds and thistles, and the place where we eat strawberry disappeared as if it had never existed there. Looks behind me and I want the weather back.