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Dear diary pride

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What is pride? Pride can be the feeling that makes you feel superior / superior to others. I admit that I felt proud in countless moments. Like when I bought a new bike. I felt superior to other children. But THERE IS  the other pride. A good one. When you feel pride that you entered on a high-school or a university. I think it's normal to think like that because you worked hard for that. And it's a ONE achievement that you made with joy...
  The problem is you do not realize it right away. You need some time to make or tell someone else. THE PRIDE people can be everywhere: around you, in politics, in newspapers (through articles) and in many other places. In addition, pride separates us from others because the otherS feels inferior and no one likes THIS feeling.
  At least WE MAY try to be equal with the others, not superior ...

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Yes,pride is a tricky fealling. It can be good but also a cursed. I hope that in the future you will have a better luck at controlling the pride that you feel.



Good pride is temporary. But the consequences of evil can be forever. Because of pride you can lose a friend, an opportunity. We don't  have to believe that we are superior to others by having something new or having better grades or entering a large university. People are equal.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Dear diary pride