A deed that constitutes a deviation from what is (considered) as right or good. This is the feeling of guilt. I believe that it "comes" when we are aware of a bad or forbidden act we have done. Or when others accuse you of a deed. I honestly felt guilty many times. But remember only two significant moments. The first would be when I was little and I broke a vase of flowers. I felt very guilty then, but fortunately my parents did not BRAWL ME . And another moment is when I was 10 years old and I installed a game on PC which unfortunately was with viruses so I HACKED the PC ( a big mistake).
   The problem was that at that age I did not have my PC, so it was OF family TOO . So I was punished.
   Usually the feeling of guilt "brings" sadness, so you are sad when you feel guilty. Although some people do not feel guilty. For example, criminals who have become accustomed to the murder of people and believe they have no more guilt. Or politicians who give unjust laws. They do not feel guilty because they think they did a good thing and they are happy.
   We can not get rid of all the guilt. Unless we stop hurtING the others anymore.

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