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The ugliest apartment

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A few years ago I was summoned to a mom's girlfriend to get something out of her. I did not know exactly what I had to take because my mother forgot to tell me. After I got to the block where the lady lived, I climbed the stairs to the 5th floor. I knocked on the door several times. But nobody answered. But pressing on the door handle I saw that it was open (probably the mother's girlfriend was a little old). So we went in.
  Suddenly I was struck by a strong smell of mold and flea. A small hall was in front of me and the light even had no luster. The thick clothes were thrown down and inside it was even  uglyER. A sofa in the living room was full of mold and dust and the carpet was broken. It was like garbage ... The cooker and the fridge were rusty and the windows were so dirty that nothing could be seen through them. The house seemed deserted and I could imagine someone living here. When I got out of the apartment, a POSTMAN that came down the stairs told me that no one had been there for many years. I told my mother immediately the information I received and left.
   But I think I can not forget that apartment on the 5th floor...

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In my opinion, the apartment you saw is not so ugly, considering a street man would agree to stay there, but there is still a dirt limit in a room because too much could affect the health of a street man who has no place to shelter. So let's just say you have not seen the real ugly in this world yet. 8-)



I think your story is real.I can imagine that dreadful scent. The place you presented us doesn't  seem like a place to live in.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The ugliest apartment