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About pride

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Dear diary,
Today I felt proud because my high-school organ...sed a football match: teachers vs. students. I saw my English teacher there, my history teacher, my sport teacher and so on. When the referee blew the whistle the game started. My sport teacher saw something on the field and thought to smell it. My history teacher rocked it, he was great, but I really enjoyed watching my English teacher. He was wonderful and fairplay. When the ball was throwd away from the field he had a little Spiderman moment and took it back. The students were good too, but Însănătoșire liked teachers the best. A senior student hit a teacher..... face with the ball by mistake in the face. His glasses fell down on the ground and they were  broken. He continued the game but he didn't see as well as before. The other students supported the teams, there were even cheerleaders but they were weak. They were not happy enough and a little annoying. In the end, the teachers won the game and I felt proud of my teachers and because I study in a school that is so open-minded and keeps the tradition. I am proud to be at this high-school.

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I like your presentasion of football match. I saw it too. I think that is a good pride not a bad one. The football match was great and i agree with you when you said that english teacher was fairplay and fast. The teachers team played awesome but students play good too. Important is the game not the victory... :)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » About pride