Long-distance relationships have been existing since forever and it's either about men participating in wars and coming back home 3 or 4 years later or emperor... who had a girlfriend in each of their residence. It was still a distance. I don't define ..... a long-distance relationship unless the physical contact has been gone for more than 6 months. Still, the difference is being made online. As an example, before you could've married someone without even getting to know the respective person all due to the parents' decision. Nowadays you can even fall in love with someone who didn't even see [......in viata reala], increasing the risk of being fell in love with a non-existent person. In my opinion long-distance relationships are chosen relationships and the shorter the breakups are, the better it gets. Nowadays private really has a meaning and the couple can actually enjoy a relationship despite the fact that maybe they've never seen each other. It is not even close to the weirdest type of relationship you can have since countless possibilities come to my mind.
    First of all, as I said, I cannot decide whether it's good or not to have a long-distance relationship. And to use myself as an example it means that I have to say like 50 possibilities of why I wouldn't have one. I'm a jealous kind of person and I wouldn't trust someone just from virtual communication, I have to make physical contact in order to get to know some characteristics of the person.
    Secondly, humans are made to interact , to feel and have some quality time. The idea of having someone there for you 24-7 itís a big convenient for the persons with personality issues or low trust in themselves.
In conclusion, technology ...........(present perfect) broth this trend to a very high level and it's not good for people because they are living a lie behind a glass.

[muta argumentul si exemplul cu online din introducere in Firstly sau Secondly - nu e ok sa argumentezi inca din introducere]

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