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Dear Diary Guilt or Shame

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I was at my grandma’s house when it happened.My cousin,Mirela,was playing with her dolls while I was taking a very good long nap. I almost fall asleep but I heard a scream. Mirela was screaming because her doll(the blonde and gorgeous one) has not been seen in the last three days. I still remember her sad and scared face. She was in this small dress(red with black dots) with pair of pink slippers. Her face was full of tears and it was red like a tomato. I decided that I should go and buy her a new doll,even though her collection had over 50 dolls. I was at a corner store and I saw that doll. The blonde,blue eyes,gorgeous girl. I wanted to take the last one but a lady laid her fingers on the box. In that moment  I took the box from her hands and told her that I need this dog for my little cousin. She told me that it’s her daughter’s birthday party and that she really needed it. I told her no and I came back home. Mirela was so happy but I didn’t feel well. I had this weird feeling that something is wrong and then I questioned myself:Am I feeling guilty for taking the doll? I think I have embarrassed myself so much. I went to the store and I found the woman. I gave her the doll(Mirela threw that away) and told her to wish for her girl “Happy birthday!” from me!



I like this idea! In my opinion, I do not think you will ever know if it was good or not that you took his doll, even when that lady wanted to take her face. But Mirela's gesture made me stay completely amazed, meaning good of the word.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear Diary Guilt or Shame