The reason why life is really hard for me because i get picked on every day because of the way I look.
”Hey ugly,” they say.
I looked and kept on walking in silence. I was afraid to talk to people because they talked about me so much and it is really hard for me to communicate with others around me.
hey continue to talk about me so bad that one day i went home, and I was about to hang myself because I thought I wasn't really Important to others..but right before I was about to pull the string my mom came in, and found me. She asked what I was doing and I didnt want to tell,because I knew she would get upset with me because I didn’t tell I just took it off.

So the next day was Sunday and i was so excited because it was birthday (April 12,2013)i was turning 19 years old and i was so excited.So my mom and best friend to me to a concert i was so excited because I really loved the concert.What made it so great was they asked me to come onstage with them an they sang happy birthday to me and they said theyhad a surprise for me.I said what is the surprise they said that we are taking you out to dinner an we are going to spend the whole entire day with you for your birthday. I was screaming because i was really excited.that was an exciting day for me.
Then back to Monday the worst day of my life. Back to being bullying again. I really hated being picked on but it turned out that those people that were talking about me they got bullied before to because of the home lifestyle.I was really shocked by how their lifestyle was because their life was really sad.
I found out that not me being bullied it was other students that were being bullied we made a group called bullies no more,and we helped children that were being bullied and were in abusive families.
The next day was the best day of my life i saw a whole bunch of people that were being bullied an the ones that were bullies show up to our first meeting.
this is the end of my diary of a girls life i learned a valuable lesson that lesson was always know who you are and even when you are going through something always know that you can always help someone else that is going through the same thing and you all can work it out!!