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15 years I lived in the Copou neighborhood, and after I moved to Breazu village 3 km from Iasi exit. From this move there are more advantages than disadvantages.
I do not agree that if I do not go to my parents' car, I have to take a minibus that has a program until 8 pm, and if I stay in town later, I have to pay a taxi. And now I can not go out in 5 minutes from my house to see with my friends, because I do not have :)
At the same time, I am very happy because I was able to make my room as I want it, I have a lot of space, I have a beautiful garden, the view of the forest and I bought two lovely puppies (Khaleesi and Sachi). The summers are much more beautiful, because I'm sitting on the terrace with my friends, listening to the music in the booze, grilling, sitting in the tent, etc.
In conclusion, I do not regret that I moved to the house outside of Iasi.



I'm glad that you do not regret that you moved out from Iasi. I think it's much nicer to stay in a house than to stay in a block. Indeed, it is inconvenient to need your parents always to take you with their car wherever you want to go. But, this is just a little minus. Living in a house is great.



Yes,living in a house has many advantages,but it is not all creat. One of the biggest downside is that when you stay in a house changes ar that you are  way  too dar from you.



You have a good point here and as a person that recently moved houses to a village as well I can understand very well the advantages that you mentioned here. I enjoy in the same way the freedom that this change brought with it. I'm glad that you're feeling this way, it's a very important aspect.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » village