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Dear Diary 2 - About pride

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What is the pride? Pride is a feeling that we fell when we satisfied of ourself.... and of others.

I feel proud when I get a good note in a exam and that note is the result of my work (this is just an example), when I'm invited to a event (it's a proof of respect from others) etc. Many situations could be enumerate.... . I remember  the time when i had and the another kind of pride, a distructive pride, that destroyed friendships and hopes, because of they's malice.
I was 9 years old and I have been grudged an friend. His name is Teo.  I thought than that i'm[la trecut] better in german language than he. When I was to german language courses, I said him that he's fool and i'm smart. He showed me that he knows german language than me, but i didn't believe him.
In a day we took a test. I, who believed that i'm the smartest from the german course, but when i had seen the exercises, i realised that i'm the most stupid from our group.
Teo got the best note. Then I asked for forgivness from he, and he forgave me.

That i have remembered an important lesson . Today it are 6 years old when this had happened.

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You are right! Pride can be of many types! But the most ugly type of pride is when we come to think of ourselves superior, which is not good. Your experience with Teo seems to me one that should be read or seen by many people to awaken to reality and not to believe the best!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear Diary 2 - About pride