Dear diary, today i will write about ......... grateful. For me to be grateful mean to be human. Today, people donít know how to express their gratefulness or they don't want to.
For me to be grateful means to be good, generous and always ready to offer help. We have to be thankful to everyone, even though there is a bad past that connects us.
We have to be grateful to people around us even though a person did bad to us, we have to be thankful of making us become more mature, we have to realise that not everyone is a good person. There is a saying "look at the full side of the glass". Be grateful for a flower, a tree, a beautiful scenery that makes you happy, be thankful to your parents, to a person that makes you.... day better, to you..... teachers, to God for everything he gives you, be grateful to everyone, and to you........ too.

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